Quanzhou city is consisting jinjiang,shishi,all together eight towns,which is one of the ten harmonious cities in China by 2006.In 2006,on the Sixth China Economy Appraise Through Competition among 100 cities,in Fujian,there are 8 towns possessing with the appraise,five of \these eight towns are Jinjiang,Huian,Shishi,Nan,an, Anhsi from Quanzhou,among of these, Jinjiang is seventh.
In the T,ang and Song period,Quanzhou was regarded at time one of the four business ports in the word,which is the origin of the “Silk Road”.It has enjoyed the splendid history,which was appraised at “Spring tide head”. Since the Reformation and Opening,Quanzhou Countryman,who has shown the stirit of Striving for the success”,has made a series of enterpise miracles,which makes Quanzhou have become one brilliant star in the coastal economy.
By 1978,the GDP in Quanzhou was only 0.779 billion.By 2006,it has successfully reached to 190.076 billion,which was one quarter of the total in this province.GDP per person has reached to RMB 24847,which has firstly breached the history by 3000 dollars.As per the marking standard by the World Bank,it has passed the gate for secondary—income coutry……
Many miracles and many prosperities are waiting for us to work on by hand with hand.