Reduction of the machine recovery in the machinery industry prices have to adjust
Date:2012/6/25    Views:2953    News Editor:
The reduction of the machine machinery industry is an important export large, well-being are closely linked and export. From the data in recent months, China's export situation is improving, which plays an important role for the reduction of the machine machinery industry recovery. In addition, as the backbone of the manufacturing sector, the integration of assets, reduction of the machine machinery industry has been cited without hair, integrated progress significantly lower than the expected speed up the possibility for the future.
Export to pick up to help recovery in the industry: the export situation, the Vice Director of General Administration of Customs, LI, said recently that look at the data from recent months, we can say that China's exports will certainly become increasingly export in August is expected to growth from the previous month, year on year decline compared to July narrowing of the overall export prospects improved. That the foreign situation has improved, the comparative advantage of China's exports more obvious factors such as exports pick up has a positive meaning.