Some professional questions may be asked when customers choosing a block machine
Date:2015/6/11    Views:1792    News Editor:XIEXINg Block Machine

 Some professional questions may be asked when customers choosing a block machine

1).Buy a block machine from a well established company that sells quality machines with a proven track record. Ask if they can give any references from their existing client base.


2).Can you visit their factory and are they the original machine manufacturers or simply acting as a middleman for cheap imports.


3).Make sure they offer support in your country and that they can install, commission and train your staff on your site on the block machine you are buying.


4).Can they ship to your nearest port if they are not from your country and what is the cost for transport. Make sure the cost of transport is reasonable and part of your cost budget.


5).Ask about the warranty period and conditions of their warrantee. Does the warrantee cover the faulty parts and possible workmanship defects. Who will honour the warrantee if the supplier is only the agent.


6).Can they assist you with a basic feasibility calculation for your business plan. Can they provide you with a basic business plan framework to assist you in raising finance.


7).Ask if they have a variety of moulds and if this can be customized to your needs. Are they flexible to your requirements.


8).Do they offer advise on the basic mix designs for the products you plan to make.


9).What are the power requirements for their block making machines. Does this comply with your power supply and if not can the supplier adjust their machines to suit your power requirements.