Skills to Maintain Hollow Brick Making Machine
Date:2015/7/30    Views:1974    News Editor:XIEXING brick making machine

Skills to Maintain Hollow Brick Making Machine

The buyers of brick making machine definitely hope the machine can work well in order to make more money. But if the brick making machine runs constantly, it will get worn. The production will be affected. Then how to prolong the service life of brick making machine?

According to the production experience of Xiexing brick making machine, customers can prolong the service life of machine from four aspects:


1. Add lubricant to the machine monthly to ensure its oiliness, which can advance its performance.


2. Clean the ashes around the machine weekly to prevent they are blown into the bearings and other important positions.


3. Check the machine half a month. Check whether the screws are loose or not, and whether the oil is enough or not.


4. Check the electric wiring monthly to avoid short or open circuit.


These four aspects are for your references only. Xiexing brick making machine is durable, because our parts are best. But if you maintain the machine regularly, your machine can achieve highest productivity and produce more bricks.