Machinery enterprises: the "dormant" ready to welcome spring. "
Date:2012/6/25    Views:2808    News Editor:

Domestic and international complex environment, the machinery industry into the lowest point since 2008. Chinese excavator market is the arena of global construction machinery, world-renowned brand excavator almost have entered China.

Internal and external needs downturn, domestic and international brands of excavators enterprise, market share are not stop the decline. This is obviously a winter, this winter will last long is not good judgment. Winter, the enterprises do is sit still, or gaining momentum? Obviously, the forward-looking vision of the enterprise would choose the latter.

People-oriented to mention the connotations

How poised and hair, different companies have different backgrounds, development strategies, development goals and the forward path, filled short board, enhance connotation, to create advantages, no doubt the majority of the pursuit of business.

Business is nothing more than research and development, manufacturing and sales, in essence, a test of judgment and understanding of the industry, market trends. Products in the market success of the enterprise market share gains, we can not simply be attributed to the present. Many factors in deciding whether the rapid development, the building of enterprise culture is critical, it can be said that culture is to lead the soul of enterprise development.