The develop and daily care of hollow brick machine
Date:2015/7/14    Views:1961    News Editor:XIEXING Brick Machine

The develop and daily care of hollow brick machine


In recent years, with the advancement of technology, baking-free brick making machine gradually replaces solid clay brick making machine. In order to save our land resource, hollow brick making machine opens its market with the support of government.


With the support of national policy,Xiexing Machinery increases the production of hollow brick making machine. On the basis of original technology,Xiexing produces new hollow brick making machine. Bricks produced by this machine features high density and strength.


The machine needs maintenance when working day and night. Brick making machine can not tell us anything. We need to check and maintain it carefully. It’s good to change components once a while.


There are four steps to clean up its body. First, check whether the machine functions properly; then check whether there is debris inside the machine and clean it timely; then check whether there are raw materials in machine’s inlet opening; finally, check whether there are debris inside motors and parts.


The above checks can not only improve the mechanical speed, reducing failures, but also extend the service life of brick making machine. Xiexing Machinery mainly produces hollow brick making machine. If you are interested in our products, please contact us promptly.