Selection of hydraulic pump in hollow brick making machine
Date:2015/7/27    Views:1849    News Editor:XIEXING Brick Making Machine
Selection of hydraulic pump in hollow brick making machine

At the early stage of designing hollow brick making machine, hydraulic system usually uses constant pump to provide oil source. If the displacement of pump is too large, there will be a large amount of oil flowing into return pipe through the relief valve, which will result in a lot of pressure loss and transform into heat entering oil film. At this time, the temperature of system will rise. Therefore, operators should combine actual situation during the actual work to minimize overflow.

The timing device of new block machine equipment is important in automatic discharging. Placing system places the raw materials to hydraulic hopper via conveyor directly, in order to meet the automatic feeding requirements of block making machine.

After the production is finished, operators need to clean the machine. After the hydraulic block making machine stops working, operators should clean the remaining raw materials.

The old placing way increases the cylinder loads of hydraulic block making machine. Besides, it will cause a huge damage to the motor. Therefore, we need to solve the problem of hopper cylinder and overload problem of motor completely.